Welcome to Mindful Medicine, your pathway to a more connected and energized life. Lead by Dr. Tina Godwin, at Mindful Medicine, we whole-heartedly believe health can only be optimized when both mental and physical barriers are thoroughly and completely addressed.


Your journey starts with a consultation to evaluate your personal health concerns.


  • Do you struggle with weight?
  • Or, fatigue?
  • Anxiety, depression, or difficulty concentrating?
  • Difficulty sleeping?
  • Are you often bogged down by headaches?
  • Do you find yourself frustrated with abdominal discomfort?
  • Are you concerned about your cardiovascular health?
  • Does stress find its way into your life despite your efforts to manage it?
  • Perhaps, you deal with a combination of the above, or other symptoms altogether?


A thorough medical exam including lab work, imaging, and procedures when indicated is the first step. If we find a medical cause for your symptoms, the appropriate treatment or referral follows. However, if labs and imaging are normal, we do not stop there. In fact, our work is just beginning.


Dr. Godwin will work with you to systematically address barriers to health, and advise on any additional support. Nutrition and exercise counseling, sleep recommendations, advice on natural supplements, or medication when indicated, are carefully constructed to fit your individual ecosystem. When helpful, incorporating an acupuncture specialist, a dedicated therapist, or referral to physician specialist will be considered. Treatment plans are not limited to these. Rather, unlocking what drives you to achieve more vibrant, whole health, will always be at the core of working with Dr. Godwin.